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"I haven't got a brain injury - so its not relevant to me!!"

For anyone thinking that “my offering” doesn’t apply to you, just remember you are usually just one incident away from needing the same support that I did (and still do) - it’s nobody’s fault, it’s called life!!!


So you (or someone close) might

- get knocked down by a drunk driver

- have an unforeseen health issue

- be unlucky enough to get dementia

- lose someone close

- lose your job

none of which are your fault but you still get all the “downsides”!


So, if this happens to you then you either gave up to it and deal with it or you “shrink away and hide”, but remember support is there for you to help recover and regain yourself!

I had it and I’ll tell you, it works!!

Just don’t suffer in silence!

 #mentalhealth #emotionalhealth

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