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As part of my presentation I play a song by one of my favourite 80s bands – Depeche Mode- and it’s a sing I hadn’t heard until I came out of hospital and it’s words sum up my emotions and feelings in the first few months, and beyond (even up till today). It’s a beautiful song, go and listen to it today and look at the lyrics specifically – although it’s a live song from man to woman, it’s words resound way beyond that!


I have analysed the words (in red) below to link them to my own circumstances! But I hope it helps you, understand & act!


I want somebody to share

Share the rest of my life

Share my innermost thoughts

Know my intimate details

  • Needs no explanation – I do!!


Someone who'll stand by my side

And give me support

And in return

She'll get my support

  • Again needs no explanation, look after me and I’ll look after you


She will listen to me

When I want to speak

About the world we live in

And life in general

  • I may talk nonsense (and often I know I’m doing it, but I can’t stop myself!!), just let me ramble - don’t stop me - I’ll get embarrassed!


Though my views may be wrong

They may even be perverted

She'll hear me out

And won't easily be converted

To my way of thinking

  • You don’t have to agree with me, but at least let me have my say! Don’t stop me just because you don’t agree and don’t “slap me down”!!

  • And by “perverted” I mean different, not sexually perverted!!


In fact, she'll often disagree

But at the end of it all

She will understand me


  • Yep, you don’t have to share my opinion, you just have to “get” why I think it!!

I want somebody who cares

For me passionately

With every thought

And with every breath

  • Love me UNCONDITIONALLY, or not at all


Someone who'll help me see things

In a different light

All the things I detest

I will almost like

  • LISTEN to me and I’ll listen to you, simple enough!


I don't want to be tied

To anyone's strings

I'm carefully trying to stay clear

Of those things

  • Let me be independent, your views however well intentioned MAY NOT be mine and let me have my opinion, even if you don’t agree!!


But when I'm asleep

I want somebody

Who will put their arms around me

And kiss me tenderly

  • But, AFTER ALL OF THIS, just give me a cuddle and reassure me that you’re there for me!!


Though things like this

Make me sick


In a case like this

I'll get away with it


And in a place like this

I'll get away with it

  • This isn’t normal, or old me, it’s me in my “new guise”, but accept and live me that way!

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