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Tim Richens is available as a guest speaker to talk about his journey from a "death defying" accident to his current life as a " normal" bloke of 59 years of age and all the emotional issues faced in that 8 year journey - you  or your family might not have experienced a serious accident but brain injury affects every one of us in some way, so you will probably see yourself, or a family member, in his story.

It wont tell you how to cope, but it explains how Tim has coped, and even flourished and some of the strategies you can use to get "there" (wherever "there" is!!).

This is just the website but why not get Tim along as a speaker to an audience where he explain this in more detail and relevant, pertinant, questions can be asked to put even more "meat on the bones"!

If you do not wish to handle this face to face, or in person, Tim also provides a service where a conference call (via Zoom) can take place over the internet - Tim will present his story to a small group then take Q&A's from the group on their own cases and where there is similarity and a shared objective.

With the Conference call, you can set up the meeting and invite Tim to present, along with any others you wish to attend. Or Tim can set the meeting up and invite you, and your guests.

This still provides a personal service, with no need to find a venue to host the presentation.


  • To get people to understand that a brain injury is not like a “broken leg” and that it affects people and their loved ones in vastly different ways.

  • It talks about the emotional effects on the injured person and how it affects them, not only outwardly, but inwardly.

  • The talk is intended to give an insight into the emotions of a person, without sounding self-pitying, and the frustrations that exist, as well as the consequences of these frustrations

  • It aims to explain that we aren’t worried about death as such but want to live our lives and not just survive!


MY USP (why chose me?): 

  • I’m speaking from the heart and my case is just mine, my situation is specific to me but my story cuts across many other stories.

  • But mainly I get IT (whatever IT is!!)


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